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It's just a tap game :o

beautiful art, love it!

the fact that in this game the one that talks more wins the argument is funny to me.

Its very creative and cutie! :D

i like it a litle bit




I love the animations. So cute and charming, especially when the bunny goes wild on a hater. I like the hater fights too. Adds a bit of new flavor and tension to the clicker formula. It'd be nice if there were upgrades too, so you could go the full clicker-to-bigger-numbers mile.

A bit of a Finger killer along with mouse killer but it's a fun game.

lol this is cute btw isn't that undertales font


XDDD esta guapo


this game is great!


its so cute <3


I don't think I have it in my heart to become any more popular than this...<3


I did not become popular but, I loved the animations and the pixelated art. It was a very beautifully made game.

lly made game.


OMG Thank you very much for playing my game and making a gameplay <3 <3 :) This game was made for a Game Jam and we didn't have enought time to made more power-ups and interactions T_T


It was stylistically pleasant. Good job!


this game is very cute! i do wish it was more than just a button mashing game and there were options like more websites the more popular you get with pictures with options you can choose from like a cute picture or a creepy picture and a shop that you can spend popularity points on , but other than that its amazing and addicting!

Thank you so much!! And thanks for the tips! They are super good ideas <3 I wanted to do something like a shop, but due to the duration of the Jam I couldn't

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A Simple Game with Adorable design. Can be extended with more content to make it more 'popular', like adding shops to buy clothes or different background for the character, just like those games on AppStore. Love it, but it do turns me into an aggressive person online....




arte y temáticas geniales, muy buen trabajo!

Muchas gracias!! :D


El pixel art está muy bien y la mecánica es muy divertida, sin duda uno de mis juegos favoritos de esta jam :D

Muchas gracias!! <3 


Mola el arte, me ha parecido muy gracioso

¡Gracias! Ha sido todo un reto pero estoy muy contento con el resultado :)