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"Witch, please, I need your help... I knew to find out why I'm a spirit..."

IMPORTANT: This is a Work in Progress project, the images here are not the final ones and I'm not sure when I will finish this game. It will have 3 different levels, and probably I will upload the first level when I finish it like a Demo. I'm posting updates in my Twitter of the progress of the game. Thank you!! :)

"The Red Witch" (provisional title) is a 2D Platform Game WIP made with Unity 3D with 8x8 pixel art style.  It's made by Yeray Toledano Castilla.


In an ancient forest, animals have begun to be possessed by darkness. A little with who live in it one day meets the spirit of a young fox, who ask her for help to discover what has happened to him and to regain the balance of the forest. 

Main Mechanics 

Change and control between the two main characters: The Witch and the Fox, each one with their own mechanics, both equally important to the gameplay. The Fox can jump higher, goes into burrows... The Witch cast spells, pushes buttons and levers...



  • Some of the sound effects are Public Domain from the collection "The Essential Retro Video Game Sound Effect Collection" from Juhani Junkala.
  • Some of the musics are Public Domain from Komiku.

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